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High Rate Deposition Process (Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition)

Excellatron has made significant progress in the development of high rate, PECVD deposition of thin film batteries.  This project is supported by a $1.4 million, three-year research grant from the U. S. Department of Commerce (NIST, Advanced Technology Program or ATP).  The advantage of this technology is that it can be several times (three to ten times) faster than conventional sputtering technology.  With the development of this novel technology, Excellatron can produce thin film batteries at a much faster rate and at a much lower cost than with other technologies.  Three patents have been filed on the PECVD deposition technology for thin film batteries.  Operational thin film batteries deposited by the PECVD process have been successfully prepared.

The primary achievements of this project include:

  • Successful deposition of solid state electrolyte by the PECVD process with a high deposition rate (4 times faster than sputter deposition).  The electrolyte has an ionic conductivity of 5.8*10-6 S/cm (three times higher than sputtered LiPON electrolyte).
  • Successful deposition of high capacity anode films (2,250 mAh/g, which is 6 times as large as graphite anode)
  • Preparation of both V2O5 and LiCoO2 cathodes by the PECVD process.
  • Three patent applications have been filed under the ATP project.
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