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New generations of semiconductors are much more complex than previous ones and this trend towards increasing complexity is driving the growth in capability of mobile and personal devices such as cellular telephony and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Excellatron batteries are ideal for use in the semiconductor industry, specifically in non-volatile SRAM (nvSRAM).  SRAM remains popular in many applications since the time required to store or to retrieve the data is short, and this speed has been critical in the crunching of data in processors, or when transferring large amounts of data reliably.  On the other hand, SRAM has long been problematic since the data stored in the device remains only as long as power is applied.  Once the power is turned off or even briefly interrupted, the data is lost forever unless it is also stored in a non-volatile device.

Today FLASH memory is used in many devices, but there are some limitations to its use.  The addition of a battery to an SRAM device allows for retention of data during power disruption. These nvSRAM applications in telecommunications and networking currently constitute 80 percent of all nvSRAM applications.  Currently, primary coin cells are used in these applications.  However, these primary batteries cannot survive the reflow process that requires 260ºC soldering and subsequent detergent and water washes.  Coin cells must be manually attached to the nvSRAM device resulting in extra labor and adapter costs.  Excellatron batteries, however, can be mounted directly onto the nvSRAM device and have successfully passed reflow process tests.  nvSRAM devices using Excellatron batteries offer a unique solution for this industry.
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